Itay Dreyfus Design, writing, product, research
Hey, I’m Itay, a designer and writer based in Tel Aviv.
For the past decade, I've been working with startups from the early stages:
  • Founding designer at Bancor (‘16→’19) and Vyzer ('20→'22).
  • Long term project with Celo ('23→'24) to design an upcoming product suite.
  • Product exploration for early ventures
I also build my own products, most recently: Besides my design practice, I’m writing a publication called Product Identity, where I'm exploring product design while sharing related musings.
I’m a generalist with a rabbit hole disorder. I’m tending a digital garden where you can find some of my interests and obsessions.
What I do / hire me to:
  • ↔️ Long term, short term / hands on, hands off projects:
    • 🕳️ Rabbit hole digger as a service
      • 🔎 Market, competitor, landscape, and any other non-scientific research — Learn more →
    • 🎨 Prototyping your product idea
    • 💫 General product design inquiries
    • ✍️ In-depth product write-ups — See example →
    • 🌈 Fast mini-branding sprints
Reach out: