Rabbit Hole Digger As a Service

Startup is a changing constant by nature. As a founder, product manager, or marketer you always need to dig, often going through endless rabbit holes. You may need to understand your evolving market, analyze competitors, or stay on top of trends.

However, it can be time-consuming and hard. Research is like archaeology–daunting and Sisyphean. A laborious task few truly master. But I find joy in this process, uncovering hidden gems out of the mess.

What does it look like?

As the name hints, I’m offering you a way to explore any rabbit hole of your interest. Consider me as your personal product researcher. An inspiration whisperer.

I explore various perspectives to find unique edges, usually while focusing more on the human side of things. I dive deep through diverse sources like articles, blog posts, tweets, podcasts, and more to generate useful insights.

Here’s an example, exploring how Anchor evolved from launching to getting acquired by Spotify:

A few important notes <> setting outcome expectations:

  • a concise and casual report usually consists of a few pages (possibly with a few appendices).
  • customized for your own needs.
  • a draining 30-page PDF presentation
  • using complex graphs or obscure metrics
  • an academic or scientific type of research
  • general high-level review

For who?

During my time at Bancor, I was also a part-time researcher. I would explore our space through trends, competitors, news, and industry discourse. I used to run bi-weekly meetings with the product team to present my findings.

Get in touch

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